The Industrial Pharmacy Course (Leergang Industriële Farmacie/LIF) offers several two-day interactive modules a year. These modules address all relevant processes, including: logistics and resource management; aseptic production and formulation; pharmaceutical analysis; registration of medicinal products; packaging and distribution.

Every module is designed to provide an intensive, in-depth look at the topic of interest. You will engage in discussions with a unique group of (international) experts in different fields.
The modules may be taken individually. However, depending on the wishes of the participant, they are equally suitable to be combined. For the time being, LIF aims at the Dutch market and industry. For this reason, we have opted for Dutch as our main language.

However, the module ‘Registration of Medicinal Products’  is taught in English, meaning it is accessible to you, if you are a professional with some years of experience in the registration of medicinal products.

Below, you will find some information about the contents of this module. We cordially invite you to sign up or request further information (phone +31(0)33-3034385 – email:

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